about Karrey:

I was born in the summer of 1980 to two parents, and remained an only child for a good long while after that. With said parents holding down full-time jobs that weren't always 9-5, I became very self-sufficient as a child, and both suffered with and benefitted from an overactive imagination. I developed an early love of language and reading, and am an (currently on hold) English major. I used to read my mother's medical books for fun, which came in handy later, when I would fake sickness to get out of school and would remember the symptoms for all of the non-serious illnesses that could keep me home for the day.

I am an INTP on the Myers-Briggs test and the color Green in the True Colors system. This means that I am pensive, analytical, efficient, and ingenious. It also means that I am arrogant, aloof, single-minded, and an intellectual snob. I admit it: I'm a grammar/spelling nazi and a know-it-all. Oh, and I'm modest, too. Ha.

I was a Navy brat for much of my childhood, so I got to see quite a bit of the country.
States I've lived in: Minnesota, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, California, Georgia again, Minnesota again, 2 different towns in Iowa, and now back to Florida
Future homes (hopefully): California (for a short time), Washington (state, not DC), New York, maybe Oregon, maybe Pennsylvania, somewhere abroad

I have three cats, a fiance, two half sisters, two half brothers, a mom, a dad, a stepmom, and a stepdad. That seems like a big family, but it's not really. The cats are Kitty, Saffron, and Cosmo.

I wear glasses. I am short. I read more than most but less than I used to, and I'm getting better about it. I am a voracious music-listener, always in search of a new band to love. I also used to be a DJ at a college radio station, which only fueled the fire. I subscribe to a lot of magazines. I recently entertained the idea of going to school to study interior design. I learned to knit recently, and have been dabbling in jewelry-making and other crafty stuff. You can probably find pictures of my items somewhere. People like to talk to me about their problems. The novelty of the internet hasn't worn off for me yet, after 8 years of being on it. I'm going to be a midwife. I fantasize a lot, about the future and everything else. I own a home. I don't know how to drive yet, although I own a car. I recently quit my lame corporate job to join the domestic Peace Corps and help children learn to read for a year.

I am loved.